“ContainerLaunchException: Container startup failed” when running Testcontainers with Gradle

I had this nasty error when running integration tests with Testcontainers for my Java project with Gradle: SEVERE: Caught exception while closing extension context: org.junit.jupiter.engine.descriptor.ClassExtensionContext@669c884 org.testcontainers.containers.ContainerLaunchException: Container startup failed … Caused by: org.testcontainers.containers.ContainerFetchException: Can’t get Docker image: RemoteDockerImage(imageName=, imagePullPolicy=DefaultPullPolicy()) … Caused by: com.github.dockerjava.api.exception.DockerClientException: Error occurred while preparing Docker context folder. … Caused by: java.io.IOException: Der … Read more

Kubernetes not starting on Docker Desktop for Windows

After enabling Kubernetes in Docker Desktop for Windows, it simply wouldn’t come up. I waited about an hour but nothing happened. All needed Docker images etc. were downloaded but then the process stalled. After searching for errors in all the different log files I found a bunch of lines like the following in C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Roaming\Docker\log\vm\kubelet.log: [026:09:01:30.415][I] … Read more

German Natural User Group Meeting in November 2018 – Legacy Coder Podcast #7

German Natural User Group Meeting November 2018

On November 6th and 7th, the German Adabas and Natural User Group met in Darmstadt at Software AG’s headquarter to learn about new features in the October 2018 release. Let’s find out more in episode seven of the Legacy Coder Podcast. German Adabas and Natural User Group Meeting in November 2019 in Darmstadt Overview of … Read more