Introduction to the show and the host – Legacy Coder Podcast #0

Legacy Coder Podcast Episode 0: Introduction to the show and the host

Who is this guy and what the heck does he know about Software AG’s Adabas and Natural? I’ll show you in the pre-episode zero of the Legacy Coder Podcast. Introduction to the podcast and myself My experience with Adabas and Natural. I’m programming with Natural since 2003. I’m the president of the International Natural User … Read more

JsonParseException when calling a REST service with curl on Windows

When I called a REST service (provided by webMethods Integration Server) with curl on my Windows machine, I got the following error: org.codehaus.jackson.JsonParseException:Unexpected character (”’ (code 39)): expected a valid value (number, String, array, object, ‘true’, ‘false’ or ‘null’)\n at [Source:; line: 1, column: 2] The solution was quite simple: use double quotes instead … Read more

How to import SSL certificates into webMethods Integration Server

In this article I described how you can generate a self-signed SSL certificate to enable HTTPS in webMethods Integration Server: How to create a self-signed SSL certificate for webMethods Integration Server with OpenSSL. Now it’s time to import a real certificate. If you have received the signed certificate from your Certificate Authority, you can follow … Read more

How to create a self-signed SSL certificate for webMethods Integration Server with OpenSSL

Here’s a short step-by-step guide on how to create and install a self-signed SSL certificate for testing purposes in webMethods Integration Server. You can test secure HTTPS connections from clients to Integration Server with this certificate. Create a certificate You can easily create the certificate using OpenSSL on a Linux system. Create a private key. … Read more

How to call a REST service in webMethods Integration Server from Java

After publishing a REST Resource in webMethods Integration Server and giving it a nice logical URL, you may want to call the service from a Java program. Here’s how to do this using the Jersey framework. Automatically testing a REST Resource On top of my unit tests for plain old Flow services (as introduced in … Read more

How to configure a URL Alias for a REST Resource in webMethods Integration Server

After I created my first REST Resource in webMethods Integration Server, I immediately saw potential for improvement regarding the URL under which it was made accessible: http://localhost:5555/rest/ExamplePackage/Resources/Session The default URL always starts with rest followed by the fully qualified name of the REST Resource. What bugs me is the latter: the path exposes the internal … Read more

Best practices for structuring packages in webMethods Integration Server

When I started out implementing services in webMethods Integration Server, I didn’t really know how to structure my packages. I lacked the experience in what should go where and which resources are best grouped together. So I ended up with a different folder structure for all my packages. At this point, finding the resource I … Read more

Avoid Redundancy! – Lessons Learned from SOA-fying a Monolith

One of the two main lessons I learned while SOA-fying our monolithic application was: Avoid redundancy. We started out implementing the data structures for our services by hand. This means, I had to create the same data structure over and over again in different systems. For example, a simple Webservice for reading a person from … Read more

Test everything! – Lessons Learned from SOA-fying a Monolith

Another lesson we learned while making our legacy application ready for a service-oriented architecture, is this: Test everything. When I started out writing Flow services in webMethods Integration Server (IS), there was no (nice) way of automatically testing them. Although we were told multiple times by consultants, that there would be a test framework for … Read more