How to create and deploy a web service with Java EE 7 and Wildfly 9

Apparently, creating and deploying an web service with Java EE 7 is just as easy as it was with Java EE 6. This maybe due to the fact, that support for web services and SOAP in JAX-WS hasn’t changed much since Java EE 6, as Adam Bien points out here: The State of SOAP / JAX-WS. However, just for the record, here’s the basic code needed to provide a simple web service:

package [...];

import javax.jws.WebMethod;
import javax.jws.WebService;

public class Hello
    private final String message = new String("Hello, ");

    public Hello()

    public String sayHello(final String name)
        return message + name + ".";

Simply compile and deploy the WAR file (e.g. YourApplicationName.war), e.g. into \standalone\deployments of the standalone Wildfly installation. You should now be able to access the generated WSDL under http://localhost:8080/YourApplicationName/Hello?wsdl.

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