Presidents Meeting and German Natural User Group – Legacy Coder Podcast #4

Let’s talk about what was presented and discussed at Software AG’s User Group Presidents Meeting and the German Natural User Group in Darmstadt in November 2017 in episode four of the Legacy Coder Podcast.

User Group Presidents Meeting

  • What’s the point of the meeting?
    Welcome to the International User Groups Presidents Meeting

    • Planning the International User Groups Conference (topics, date, venue etc.).
  • What was presented by Software AG?
    • Software AG’s revenue is now > 1 Billion. 4,400 employees all over the world. Ca. 25% Adabas/Natural.
    • 70% of the largest 1,000 companies worldwide use Software AG products.
    • ADAMOS: Joint Venture with big machine builders like Zeiss and Dürr.
    • Don’t rip and replace! Modernize!
    • 3 big moves: Adabas/Natural, integration with webMethods, IoT (1 bn. investment).
    • Modern architecture: System of Records, Integration, IoT/AI.
    • Software AG named by Gartner as leader in Streaming Analytics, InMemory Databases.
  • What was discussed with regards to Adabas/Natural?
    • Don’t separate Adabas and Natural. There will be only one conference for both technologies with a single keynote.
    • Max. 30min presentations, time restrictions for information about business, platform, environment.
    • Natuaral customer base: Mainframe vs. LUW: 50%/50%
    • A workshop for Natural developers would be interesting (best practices, architecture, training).
    • A Hackathon will not be possible at IUGC.
    • How to find/meet other customers with similar problems?
  • Topics for IUGC 2018 in Berlin
    • Already 5-6 presentations submitted.
    • NaturalONE (new features, introducing the IDE etc.)
    • DevOps (CI, Docker, etc.)
    • Rehosting (Mainframe -> LUW)
    • Who uses or plans to use Cloud Computing?
    • 2050 readiness award
  • International User Group Conference 2018 in Berlin
    Members of Software AG's International User Groups

    • Registration is open!

German Natural User Group

  • Ca. 60 attendees from all over Germany.
    About 60 Natural Developers get together for the German Natural User Group in November 2017 in Darmstadt
  • Quite a few “young” Natural developers were present. The “Generational Change” starts…
    Young Natural Developers at the German Natural User Group in Darmstadt in November 2017
  • I’m the new speaker of the German Natural User Group.
    Stefan Macke is the new speaker of the German Natural User Group
  • Topics of the talks
    • zIIP enablement for Adabas/Natural
    • New features of EntireX
    • How to develop your own Eclipse plugins for NaturalONE
      How to develop your own Eclipse plugin for NaturalONE

    • New features in Natural und NaturalONE
      Code Coverage in NaturalONE

      • Natural editor will be shut down with release in fall of 2018. There are still many customers that have concerns.
    • Adabas and Natural in a Docker container, started via Alexa
      Adabas now runs in a Docker container
    • Visualizing Adabas Events with ElasticSearch and Kibana
      Adabas pushes events to ElasticSearch that can be visualized with Kibana
    • RealHtml4Natural – an alternative webframework for Natural build on top of the Natural Native Interfaces and distributed under the GPL-3.0 license.

Call to Action

Start Tweeting with #AdabasNatural2050 and #IUGC18!


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