Modern Natural Development with NaturalONE – Legacy Coder Podcast #3

Why would anyone dismiss the good old Natural editor and switch over to NaturalONE? Let’s find out what features NaturalONE has to offer in the third episode of the Legacy Coder Podcast.

Why should you switch over to NaturalONE?

  • Increased developer productivity
    • Use Copy and Paste (duh!) for high quality Natural programming 😉
    • Syntax Highlighting will help you understand the source code faster.
    • Make use of intelligent search and replace features with regular expressions.
    • Code Completion makes you type way less than before.
      Code Completion in NaturalONE
    • Code Navigation (jump to a variable definition etc.) lets you explore the code base with a few keystrokes.
    • You can use Code Folding for focussing on the really important stuff.
    • Multiple compile errors are displayed instantly without uploading the source to the server.
      Multiple compile errors in NaturalONE
  • Repository based development
    • Finally develop software like the cool kids do!
    • Every code change is documented and can be rolled back with just a few commands. It can even be attached to an issue tracker like Jira or Redmine.
      Git integration in NaturalONE
    • You can try out new things in an isolated environment.
    • You can automate your coding with code generators like Xtext.
  • Modernize your development environment
    • Share knowledge and open up towards other (maybe younger) developers (Java etc.).
    • Be and stay attractive as a company to new employees.
    • Automate your build process
    • NaturalONE is Software AG’s platform of choice for the future.
    • The old Natural editor will be shut down!
  • Extendable with additional plugins
    • Software AG’s innovations will only take place in NaturalONE (e.g. Code Coverage, Screen Testing).
    • Attach your IDE to an issue tracker like Jira or Redmine with Mylyn.
    • Use Snipmatch for even less typing. Plugin Snipmatch used in NaturalONE
    • Create your own extensions (e.g. NatUnit) for whatever requirement you have.
      Our own NatUnit plugin used in NaturalONE

Recommended reading

  • NaturalOne Debugging


2 thoughts on “Modern Natural Development with NaturalONE – Legacy Coder Podcast #3”

  1. NaturalONE does not show compile error if we call a missing Suproutine using perform statement, why?
    How to see Natural documentation or Comments on mouse hover on Subroutine in NaturalONE?
    Is it possible to show natural documentation for reserved keywords, for example REPEAT.
    I want something similar to Eclipse, when I just mouse hover on String then I can read Java API documentation about it. Is there hot key for that?

  2. Hi Amjad, I’m not sure if this is possible. NatDoc can be generated as HTML documentation for your Natural modules, but I don’t think that NaturalONE will pick it up and display it inline in your editor.

    As far as I know, NaturalONE can’t show you the Natural documentation for statements when hovering over them with your mouse. I think you’ll need to press F1 and take a look at the Natural help.

    But your suggestions would be really nice features to have in NaturalONE! Why don’t you open up a Brainstorm issue for them?

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