SOA-fying a Monolith – Innovation World 2015

My talk for Software AG’s Innovation World 2015 in Las Vegas got accepted and is already visible on the agenda: Lessons Learned from SOA-fying a Monolithic Legacy Application. How do you modernize a monolithic legacy application to meet the requirements of today‚Äôs service-oriented world? In this talk, Stefan Macke shares his insights from SOA-fying a … Read more

How to test JMS processing in webMethods/Terracotta Universal Messaging and Integration Server with SoapUI and HermesJMS

Universal Messaging is the default messaging component used by webMethods Integration Server. Here is a short tutorial how you can test JMS processing using SoapUI and HermesJMS. SOAPUIDIR points to the installation directory of SoapUI, e.g. C:\Program Files\SmartBear\SoapUI-5.1.3. NIRVANADIR points to the installation directory of Nirvana, e.g. C:\SoftwareAG\nirvana. Setup Universal Messaging First of all you … Read more

How to create a new webMethods Integration Server instance

In newer versions of the webMethods suite, you can install multiple instances of Integration Server into a single installation. Some central packages will be re-used in every instance. However, administration of the instances may be a bit harder, as these packages have to be updated manually, e.g. in case of a version update or fix … Read more

Externalize Java helper methods with access to the service pipeline of webMethods Integration Server

As I’ve mentioned earlier, I like to re-use my existing code whenever possible (and if not possible I’ll try to find a way ;-)). When writing Java Services in webMethods’ Integration Server, I wanted to use an existing method that provides easy access and type safety when working with the service pipeline (i.e. interface IData). … Read more

Logging to webMethod’s Integration Server log from a Java Service

I created a Java Service in webMethod’s Integration Server that should log something to the server.log file. As it turns out, this is quite simple: Generate Java code for calling the internal Service pub.flow.debugLog by right-clicking on the Service in Software AG Designer and selecting “Generate Code…”, “For calling this service from another service”. The … Read more

Setting up the JDBC adapter in webMethods’ Integration Server to connect to an Oracle database

Today, I wanted to use the JDBC adapter in webMethod’s Integration Server to connect to a database from a Java service. As it turns out, the configuration was quite frustrating for me. Here’s a history of the problems that appeared while trying to get a database connection running: Error encountered [ART.118.5042] Adapter Runtime (Connection): Unable … Read more

Re-use your own existing Java code in a Java Service in webMethods Integration Server

Modularization is an important concept of programming. So, when I wanted to create a Java Service in webMethods’ Integration Server today, I wanted to re-use my existing Java code that already provided the feature I wanted to publish as a Service. However, this is not as easy as it sounds ūüėČ Here are the steps … Read more

Error ISS.0088.9163 Could not retrieve WSDL for service in webMethods Integration Server

The following problem with webMethods Integration Server already occured twice in our environment, so I think it’s time to document the fix. When opening the generated WSD for a web service, I got the following error: [ISS.0088.9163] Could not retrieve WSDL for service […], WSD not found. The problem was the URL generated by the … Read more

Error ISS.0141.9208 Could not deploy the Web service descriptor in webMethods Integration Server

During the startup of webMethods Integration Server I found quite a few entries like this in server.log: [ISS.0141.9998E] Exception –> [ISS.0141.9208] Could not deploy the Web service descriptor […]. Cause: [ISC.0081.9164] Exception occurred during generation of WSDL for service […]: [ISC.0124.9011] Document to XSD error: Simple type […] does not exist None of the mentioned … Read more

How to change the Java version for webMethods Integration Server

Changing the Java version under which webMethods Integration Server runs and compiles Java services is quite easy (after you searched for hours for the right files to change ;-)). You can check which version your Integration Server uses on the About page: Here’s how to change the version for Integration Server (in my case version … Read more