Error ISS.0141.9208 Could not deploy the Web service descriptor in webMethods Integration Server

During the startup of webMethods Integration Server I found quite a few entries like this in server.log: [ISS.0141.9998E] Exception –> [ISS.0141.9208] Could not deploy the Web service descriptor […]. Cause: [ISC.0081.9164] Exception occurred during generation of WSDL for service […]: [ISC.0124.9011] Document to XSD error: Simple type […] does not exist None of the mentioned … Read more

How to change the Java version for webMethods Integration Server

Changing the Java version under which webMethods Integration Server runs and compiles Java services is quite easy (after you searched for hours for the right files to change ;-)). You can check which version your Integration Server uses on the About page: Here’s how to change the version for Integration Server (in my case version … Read more

Conventions for naming deployment artifacts in WmDeployer for webMethods Integration Server

For quite some time now I have used the default names for all the different artifacts (set, build, map, candidate) in WmDeployer, because I simply did not know how to name them in a meaningful way: However, after talking to an SAG consultant today, I finally came up with a meaningful naming convention: Deployment Set: … Read more

Unit-testing Flow Services in webMethods’ Integration Server with JUnit

Today, I built a small test bed for unit-testing Flow Services in webMethods’ Integration Server. If you develop Java Services for IS and follow the best practice of “no business logic in the service layer”, you can unit-test your logic in isolation in a plain old Java environment and deploy the library to IS, which … Read more